Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Well, hello! Please excuse lack of posts for a few weeks. As well as being busy, busy, busy with all the lovely weddings this month, I also made sure to fit in a few days off with family. Rather than go away we've been having good, old-fashioned days out around the South East, often involving retail therapy along the way. Here's my brief roundup:

The City by the Sea is one of my guilty pleasures and we try to visit every few months. The shops in the North Laine quarter are inspiringly random - favourites include:
Velvet Store - Scrumptious array of gift and homeware and much more.
Get Cutie - Very wearable retro styled dresses in an amazing variety of bold and colourful prints. Choose from cowgirls, to Elvis, from delicate birds to Sculls and Roses.
Tantalus - Sells unusual fragrances and gifts, within an exquisitely dandy, masculine space. A gentleman's shop.
Battle Antiques - Now, I owe a debt of gratitude to Twitter friend Joannabrownuk for suggesting I visit this place earlier in the year. It's more than an antique shop - it's a feast of curiosities and museum of macabre - the kind of shop that Sherlock Holmes or Jonathan Creek might run if they decided to ditch the crime solving business. Goodies include ancient surgical tools, bath chairs, golden age magician posters and various skulls.

Vintage at Goodwood
Part one of my birthday present (in May) from my husband. I had been looking forward to this but alas the rain decided to come hard and heavy. Whilst it was generally good fun there was a lot that didn't live up to the hype. Did buy a rather sweet fifties dress though. I'll give a full verdict in a special post soon.

Oft visited for shopping but this time actually visited the cathedral.

London Dungeons
Yes, really! For all the years I worked in London and lived nearby, pouring scorn on the long queue of tourists that daily gather to be fleeced in the name of entertainment - we decided to see for ourselves. I have to confess... we quite enjoyed it. Funniest moment was seeing a grown man scream when one of the exhibits turned out to be a real person.

I didn't come last. That's all you need to know. (I didn't come first, second, third, fourth... either)

A little jewel on the North Kent Coast with the sweetest cottages, quirky shops and seafood restaurants. Lunched at the Samphire - quite perfect Eggs Florentine. Purchased from a great little vintage clothing shop called Pearl and Hemmingway that I discovered stocks gorgeous What Katy Did frillies, bought another notebook from Frank and er... Cheese.

In addition to this I bought far too many books and haven't actually had time to look at any of them yet: including one on Rock & Roll style graphic design , biographies of Joe Meek, Mark Oliver Everett (Eels), Anthology of Sherlock Holmes and 2 books on Golden Age Magicians (eclectic? moi?)

Tart at 40Winks
Part 2 of birthday present and something quite special so deserves a special post.

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